Karma bites

So Mumbai and her green activists are celebrating. Bhide bai’s gachchanti has come through, finally. Think our trees must be breathing easy. It is NOT a petty or vindictive order. Just when a public servant croses their brief and takes on a combative mode against the very citizens s/he has to serve, it is but deserving. Governments come and go, this rule banus have forgotten in the last six years. Can’t blame them. They must’ve felt after 2014, the Bada Jhoot Party is for here to stay. Why would the babu go beyond one’s role, be rude to thf citizens and green activists opposed chopping of trees on Aarey? She wrote such vicious stuff, attacked critics on social media platforms and worse still, sent humongous machines to chop down trees mercilessly at midnight, after the Bombay High Court order. Public servant forgot her basic duty and treated the public like servants. Unsurprising, given her ideology and extreme loyalty to the Big Jhoot Party. Transfer was in offing. But point us, will the Thackeray shift the carshed to another location? Now that is what my feline sense prevents me from believing. I’d love to be proven wrong, but this CM has previous record of settling for land par els.

Damn here, one cannot purchase a 1 BHK, damn, it is barely 1 room we get, while those rule every government, get acres and acres of land parcels, unheard of. Chalo, we should settle of a piddly transfer of a babu, while all agitation is quiet on the forest front. Other agitations are continuing, gladly. These are our only hope, Shaheen Baugh. While, IT trolls of the Big Jhoot Party are slapping themselves hard. Kidhar bhi haat lagao, ungli jal rahi hai, for the two bulldozer men. Thugs they are. That NaMo’s PR team is overactive. Email after email, SMS after SMS, free or what? I’ve reported his email as spam. Then what. Arrey, that Sundarpichai toh gave one tight one na. He shut all windows on the bulldozer duo. Good, now they must be doing havans, consulting babajis. Speaking of whom, that Sad Guru, he is losing his marbles, slowly and steadily. Sheh, still he has followers. Sadly, all these orange toved men and women have quote some followers.

Still badabhai says he will not back down. His ego is bigger than his size. Gawd, quite some size that. Small children are asking why are they doing such wrong? Well, Me thinks Messiah, on Netflix, has made valid point. Like the bulldozer duo, a man with warped, toxic ideas leads jobless, poor people to conflict. The society is pushed into chaos, as the structures collapse. All institutions are diluted, so there is little hope for justice to be delivered. Sounds familiar? This chaos, conflict that the twoonster men have unleashed, helps masses to turn away from our rising bills, inflation, pathetic economy, no justice and killings by the state. Meanwhile, less said the better of our Apex court and their current head. Must add, Saif Ali Khan has become ballsie, he was always, but this time he spoke the truth. There was NO Bharat till 1947. Dudes, he US right. Scores of kingdoms was NOT Bharat, give due credit to Sardar Vallabh Bhai Patel, or like Mahatma Gandhi, his name too will be obliterated from our memories? Never know with current regime.

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