Season of scams

Haha did we think we’ve had like enough of scams for the year? Not really. There was first Adarsh Society scam. One age old scam that gained momentum yet again, thanks to the immense lobbying by a former chief minister of maharashtra who is now in Union ministry while he wants his MLA son to get a berth in the state.

Congress high command over stepped their line. On what basis have they sacked Ashok Chavan? Because he recommended his in-laws? That according to NO court of law is illegal or criminal. He is NOT involved in any breach of norms, or sanctioning by misusing his powers. The person to have done that is the man who managed this whole episode.

The real reason for ‘scam’ & uproar or outcry was that the plot where this multi-storeyed building has come up was alelgedly reserved for Kargil war widows. Now, this bit of news itself is a scam & needs to be investigated…..only because a leading newspaper said ‘war widows’ it was accepted as a seal. The papers show mention of the society including names of war heroes and the 2 names have little to do with teh kargil war. The 3rd in fact is a nominee. Interesting how this scam wreaks of Babus, armed forces officials & politicians who have breached environmental norms & other norms, like taken exrta FSI, etc. Sad part is there is always a scape goat and here it was ONLY Ashok Chavan, the others have gone untouched.

The 2nd is CWG, but i really don’t intend to get into it. The key person Suresh Kalmadi’s real misdeeds need to investigated even more. the whole Indrayani, shatabdi express started on Mumb-Pune line, the land amassed by Kalmadi and family is really not new. The Sai services agency which deals with Maruti cars is owned by Kamadi. Half of Pune Kalmadi’s taken over, the other half mr Ajit pawar has. So the fight for corruption goes on.

The last one is vv important. The Barkha/Radia/Vir gate. Yes, the tapes leaks of 2 big names in Media. Vir Singhavi & Barkha Dutt. Now need i say more? The names are big, because the media, their respective news organisations have made them super personas. They made them feel good. Obviously the organisations ‘also’ have benefitted, although they may have benefitted the most. considering they have that much more information & are actually not just sources, they seem to be ‘negotiating’ the stakes have been more than one can imagine.

1.journalists can’t have special immunity & say ‘sources’ said or fed rather. 2. Journalists can’t cheat by saying we have creative freedom. 3. Don’t deride people on your platform, we are ONLY moderators, catalysts we are NOT the hallmark that can seal any decision. 4. Journos are not above law-any law. 5. getting info & details is 1 thing. how it is used is altogether something else. 6. this info was ‘used’ bartered. it comes with a cost..7. the means used are equally imp as the end. 8. can journos determine who should or shouldn’t be in any cabinet/ministry? 9. what are their stakes? 10. Journalist including editor reports, you opine in your columns only, otherwise report neutrally.

guess this all is forgotten…lol!

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  1. well, didn't know that u have a blog as well…rightly put. i think journalism in India has the highest responsibility amongst all the "estates". and with that comes greater accountability, which hardly few people talk about and even fewer practise.

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