Bar bar…

there’s so much that has been said about the dancing bars that i may just break into a dance myself! The home minister RR Patil thinks from his heart plus he’s a good & simple man at heart…he may NOT have realised nor was he prepared for the outcome…since his very own colleagues were out to sink him on this issue!

At least one point is proved – that aba is a non-corrupt man..but then again it just should teach all a lesson that a good, simple & honest politician has little place & success in the world! The number of politicans & police who have stakes in bars is unthinkable. Especially the police. We know of stories of many journos who have gone to police stations & have been later escorted to get a peek-a-boo- with ‘free’ entry & drink couple of pegs (yes-yes free) at these bars where a plain cola costs Rs 350!! All thanks to the police.

Then ofcorz there are haftas, every night ka bandobast hota tha kya bhidu? besides some were also partners in sharing the bar profits…that’s life we may say, but obviously as a result these bars thrived. This was the main reason for aba to bring a ban on them. Did u also observe those who wrote the most of how bar dancers would be rendered helpless & how their closure would affect the society, are just some of journos who too have taken immense help, favours & even shared profits from the dance bar owners!

That’s to say about reporting on the human persepective!! So much diversity say wot?

Also i do NOT buy the common story across all bars & said about all chamiyas that they all come from extreme poverty & have six-seven mouths to feed. Well if all of us who have dependants & i include myself then just count…urself, parents, some have in-laws, babies…so shouldn’t we also get that ‘extra’ tip or money??? NOT all are dancing due to compulsions. Not all came to chamiya bars to rough it out…sorry over 65% have made it big..where r all the Trannums, antop hill dancers who lived in the first high rises wt toyotas & hondas…we need to take a real look.

But then all these arguments would have held good early on in life, when the bars first began that time certain norms could’ve been applied. Basic labour laws could’ve been used-like ensuring the dancers get minimum wages, stupulated work hours (even from 7.00 pm-4.00am) creches for their babies, no touching the dancers, etc…then automatically the bars would’ve seen their dear end…

but that’s all for intellectual debates, this all hardly holds good in real life.

Let’s see if the bars ever open…my sources say the police will delay in giving licenses..meanwhile the Maharashtra law dept will amend the law & they will approach the Supreme Court…

cheers! neeta

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