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Are you a tweet? What happened? why do you look so hassled? Not troubled, then flammoxed? Oh it’s only a tweet, sweet…write a blog entry in 140 characters. Is that a challenge? May be once i may have thought so, now i enjoy it the most.

Off late i have blogged less..much less…there were many many incidents & events that took place in Bombay, my state & country…but it’s fun to tweet from my cell…I enjoy the random thoughts, conversations we all tweets have.

Opinions on everything..which matter to one self..these are then shared with others who too hold their views, opinions equally dearly. It’s a good interaction, sharing. From tv shows, regional issues, geo-political, sex, food, urban menace, elections, name it.

But most imp, i have come this close as virtual proximity allows to get into the realm of Michael Jordan’s life. He is the hero of my life. He is my inspiration. Air he is..Jordan is simply awesome.

I follow him on twitter..i get to see him and read about him daily. I love it..I thanks my professor Craig for it, he sent me an invite. When i aired my skepticism he was most positive..i had NO clue i would come as close to Jordan as to Mohammaed Abbas, Queen Raina, Bono (U2) & his holiness the Dalai Lama…i’m proud to be a tweet…

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