German Bakery conspiracy

There once was a bakery, German Bakery on the corner of Osho park, Pune. It was in Koregaon park. I tlak in past tense because last Saturday it was blown apart. Now, the investigating agencies & media together at one go decided it was an Islamic fundamentalist attack on foreigners & they nearly missed the Chabbard house. LOL!

This is one of the biggest jokes. Till the day of the attack even those living in Pune, especialyl enar Osho Ashram had NO information of any chabbard house, in its vicinity. There is NONE till minutes away, wc is far enough. Now interstingly for someone like me who has spent days on for nearly 3-4 yrs at least a week, twice a yr in & around OSho ashram, i can tell u every nook & corner. I know one thing for sure, bang next to the bakery is a Kashmiri friend’s shop..ibu i hope is safe…I have a college friend staying 2 minutes down the lane, one of my closest friend since 1st day of college…she joined the ashram & i pursued her for 2 yrs coz she just disappeared fm my life…to join the ashram. 1st i was devastated. I visited it often for her, even hung around it for one week once to introspect on the choice of my life, career…to experience as she said. I can assure there is NO way this attack was by any ISalmic force.

Why is that whenever a bomb attack or so-called alleged terror attack takes place we first attribute it to Islamic fascist groups? Why not the right wing fascists? They have been openly saying kill the Muslims, attack them. Blah Blah. why don’t reporters ask the authorities is any Hindu, right wing outfit involved? How can they be certain when 3 So-called Jihadi organisations have staked claim for the attack? It is ridiculous. No Jihadi outfit clashes with the other. They also have a modus operandi which is a series of blasts, they are particualr rather finicky about date, time, the whole network. this is far too straight, a whole lot of crap theory, put together by Intelligence Bureau, Anti-Terrorist Squad & other agencies. Some bull about 2 men in covered scarves. Then the whole thing about remote control.

Question to be asked do the authorities see similarity or link to the Malegaon blasts of 2006? Wc again btw was by the Right wing Hindu outfits. This time too it sure is. That Sawarkar lady who lives in Pune, yes grand daughter of Sawarkar, right wing fascist man. She has spoken of vilence as the means & gave inflamatory speech in Pune. It is sheer coincidence that these attacks take place? very naive the authorities think we all are.

The timing is equally important. Just when the focus is shifting on Indo-Pak talks this incident takes place. Just when the IPL bids took place, there were reports of Pakistani players not being selected, or hired by anyone. These balsts take place. Just at that time Shahrukh Khan had said he felt humiliated that no Pak player was taken on…his remarks evoked extreme responses in India. The Hindu forces ganged up against him…he was well supported by some sensible people, so-called anti-India by many…i supported SRK. Unfortunately the media too took up for Sena & their right wing types.

Just then the balst take place. Now nearly 5-6 yrs ago i had told few friends of mine including Ibu & a former BF that the Kashmiri muslims need to be careful. Their number in Pune had increased in 7 yrs. Most of the shops in that Osho Koregaon vicinity are Muslims. They are good traders, the market ideal for them, as most are foreigners. The good opportunity doubled with fine weather, cool wc suited them. However it was a gut feeling i expressed. The authorities are biased. We as a country are extremely biased. Post-1993 we have become discriminatory. We forget 1993 blasts were an outcome of the 1992 riots. All have short term memory…but the authorities don’t. On top of that the right wing Hindu RSS lobby has strongly infiltrated the IB & RAW & state intelligence units. There is NO surprise these kinds of events, blasts take place.

In case of Hindu fascist groups involvement, we say, “There is no evidence to establish tehir involvement.” Do we have as much evidence in case of the hundreds forcibly picked up by the authorities? Fahim Ansari was picked up before Malegaon blasts, they couldn’t pin him to that, when he was in jail they accuse him of planning 26/11. Why not use the same Parameters to judge that Sadhvi Pragnya & her accomplices?? No, we will never.

What we need to know is with Col Purohit in jail, how did the Hindu fascist get the RDX? This line needs to be explored, that will give us the real lead. The authorities can not even decide which is the exact outfit, what name to give it. This wreaks of similarities like Akshardham attack.

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