Kick that butt, idiot

I’m sure many of you readers must’ve seen the really nice film, 3 idiots. Now i loved the film, some good lyrics, dialogues not so great music. But all in all a fantastic movie, will rate it even better than Paa.

Now my problem is NOT about the fact that there is a puny skinny, sukdya man spoof on my hottest fav James Bond, but the fact that even Aamir Khan has NOT bothered to give attention to some fine ‘detailing.’ That is called jockeys, panties, chaddis. Now i am one woman of those types for whom the look of panties, socks, bras, banyans, briefs matters tremendously. Puhleeez it was an assault on my visual senses to see multi coloured typical ‘Indian’ chaddis on display. Dark brown, light brown, brown, grey, black, dark black, light grey, white. Then in-between one sky blue, electric blue, orange & hideous red was squeezed in. They all looked mass products picked up fm Mohammed Ali road, Hill road or Lokhandwala, where all inner, outer, all types of wears, wares are displayed brazenly in your face!

See, if they are spending crores on a film they can buy jockeys, more so Victoria’s Secret or some such leading brand, where the male boxers, in this idiots case jocks, chaddis ‘look’ decent. I mean all the cast of whatever background were shown to wear modern clothes, so then why these mass produced chaddis with pathetic look & colours? Why were the crew, production people, director & main star Aamir stingy about it?

Then worst eye sore were unhealthy looking back sides, arses or bumbs. Dark i can deal with bcoz thankfully NONE of them are related to me, but hairy (ugghhh)flabby, fleshy shoved into my face as they stare from the screen?? i wanted to scream. If they can pull a fast one on James Bond, they owe themselves this one least qualification to show their back sides – toughen up guys. Their arses shook from side to side like spounges, urgggh…my eyes hurt even now…side splitting? No way, the sides hurt seeing how Indian men do NOT, i reiterate do NOT bother to give ample thought and care to their back sides.

There is NO point trying to look hot, with Six ab pack if you can’t maintain a good ‘butt.’ Is it important you may ask…well It is most important to a woman. I talk openly about, because i believe in my likes, which by now you must’ve gathered are pretty strong. Stronger are the dislikes.

Few years ago when i was going out with a foreign photo-journalist our common firend colleague had asked us in a circle what attracted me to a man. I said the man’s eyes, face & more so the butt. I told him i don’t look at most Indian men, because they IGNORE their butts completely. They are not tough, tight which look as attractive as the face. The other men at the table laughed, thought I was insane, mean, tough benchmarks & Neeta has her own Idiosyncrasies. The women shyly, coyly half smiled, because they just have NEVER told what they like or not & i’m sure as a result their men presume on behalf of women. May be their spouses have never really cared to find out. They looked like ‘no one asks us, but we agree with Neeta..’ type of expression they wore.

Now coming back to idiots, that is exactly what i felt. Pitied the women spouses of the male star cast who openly displayed their back sides so frequently, which i thought was very very cool. But for some stickler, perfectionist like Aamir, this was such a gaffe it is unforgivable…hope he reads this & falls down laughing. I mean it’s like seeing a shaky Pamela Anderson with half the size of her boobs shaking & sagging loosely…well yes that is exactly how the arses/butts of most men looked.

I am tremendously biased. I luvvvvv Daniel Craig, he is on my home page of twitter. Just see him rise out of the water, he beats Ursula Anderson man…!! He looks awesome, what tight butt, that John Abraham tried his best to show his wotever in Dostana, but sorry guys i wrote then…flopped badly..firstly wooden dead pan face…in marathi we say maashi he halat nahi naka varun, then that thin abso NO worked out butt, did NOT click…with me…i’m sure women of all age groups paid to see it..I saw the film free..

so kick the butts guys..

2 thoughts on “Kick that butt, idiot”

  1. Y they used the comman chaddi's ?they could haev spent a crore more on the chaddis.. but it was no point. since there were students from different class in the same college…some could afford & some could not… they have shown what a commonman wears normally and avoided what so called funky guys or brand concerntrated guys wear these days.. If u go deep into the rural area.. they don't even spell the word jockey because they haven't seen one yet..

  2. HHHahaha!! ROFL and that is some immaculate observation that! And yeah, after reading your article, it looks like it deserves that kick and more!

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